Long Point Course Map

Long Point Course Map

Hole #1
Straight away hole with undulating fairway that breaks to the right. Second shot needs to stay left to avoid bunkers guarding the green.

Hole #2
Aim drive at Palm Tree. Don’t go long on approach back of green guarded by marsh.

Hole #3
Green slopes up to the back. Hit enough to get there.

Hole #4
Long iron off of tee aimed at bunker. Avoid the trouble on the left side.

Hole #5
Short hole, large green trouble behind the green.

Hole #6
Drive down the left center, keep your lay up shot straight to avoid the water and waste bunker. Long green breaks toward the lake.

Hole #7
Straightforward hole with undulating fairway. Avoid overhanging trees on right.

Hole #8
Right of center drive will leave good angle over marsh to large green.

Hole #9
Narrow drive with bumpy fairway. Hit enough club on approach to carry false front.

Hole #10
Straight away hole with lots of trouble left and right. Elevated green club accordingly.

Hole #11
Very narrow hole demands accurate drive and lay up shot. Lots of marsh on both sides to catch wayward play.

Hole #12
Long iron to right of fairway helps avoid tree on left. Large green with hump in middle.

Hole #13
Short hole with well protected elevated green. Left of center all the way!

Hole #14
Long iron or fairway metal off the tee puts you in position to approach the sunken green.

Hole #15
Trouble left and right with ocean breeze make for a demanding shot to green that slopes up toward the back.

Hole #16
Another sunken green that breaks hard to the Ocean.

Hole #17
Drive down the right side avoiding the bunker. Very demanding green with ridge that runs the length.

Hole #18
Accurate placement off the tee will give view of green. Right side protected by mounds. Green breaks away from approach.