Amelia's Wheels Places to See

Here are just a few of the many wonderful places to enjoy your ride on our resort:

The Nature Center

At the Nature Center, located behind the Reception Center, take a close-up view of some of the animals we share the resort with. The Nature Center also offers a variety of different programs, from kayaking and bike trips, to hiking and crabbing. It’s the best way to get a close-up view of Amelia Island’s natural beauty. Come and browse our retail store that includes a variety of educational toys, waterproof cameras and clothing.

Drummond Point

Leave your bikes at the entrance and take a short hike over trails to a boardwalk overlooking the Intracoastal estuary. Drummond Point offers stunning morning and evening views. One of our two outside basketball courts is also located here.

Walker’s Landing

Located on the marsh side of the resort, Walker’s Landing offers a view of the wild, yet wonderful, salt marsh teeming with wildlife. It is also the site of an ancient Indian burial ground.

Willow Conservancy

The Willow Conservancy is a wildlife sanctuary providing a home to an assortment of warblers, woodpeckers and other birds, as well as nocturnal creatures such as raccoons, armadillos, opossums and even bobcats. The path is shaded by live oaks, magnolias, hickory, sabal palm and, of course, willow trees.

Aury Island

For a great spot to fish or just relax, follow the bike path under Cooper River Bridge to this quaint little playground called Aury Island that is tucked into nature’s beauty.

Sunken Forest

The Sunken Forest is a short walk through inner dune meadows, gradually spiraling up to a beautiful overlook of the ocean and beach. A must for early risers looking to catch a beautiful sunrise!