Amelia Island Segway™ Guided Tours

Riding along a path

Amelia's Wheels is offering new and adventurous ways to experience the Segway™ Personal Transporter (PT). Take a tour of the resort or simply satisfy your curiosity with a brief lesson on the Segway PT.

Stepping into the new millennium of human transportation, the Segway PT is the first of its kind in personal transportation, offering a self-balancing device designed to go anywhere people do. Its advanced technological makeup relies on the company’s breakthrough technology, “dynamic stabilization,” which enables the Segway to work with body movements.


So, when riders move forward, the Segway PT moves forward; when the rider leans back, the Segway PT reverses. And now, anyone can try this exciting invention at The Villas of Amelia Island Plantation.

We are proud to make guided tours of our beautiful property available to our guests. The Segway provides a unique experience throughout the maritime forests, ocean views and marsh waterways of Amelia Island Plantation.

*All tours are guided with a coach per four riders, and include full orientation prior to each tour.  Riders must be at least 8 years old and 65lbs to ride unless noted otherwise.

Junior Segway Tour

 45 minutes     $40

This experience is designed for the kids, but perfect for any age. Our coached orientation and mini tour provide a safe and fascinating environment for kids to enjoy. With the parents present or participating, it will be an experience you’ll not want
to miss.

Family Safari Tour

1.5 hours        $60/child and $80/adult

A tour for the whole family! Mom, Dad and the kids can ride together on this family tour, customized to the age and experience of our guests. Our coached orientation is followed by a tour through the property that travels along our novice-level bike paths. Minimum weight restrictions apply to safely operate the Segway. Coach rides with guests.

Seaside Tour

1.5 hours        $80/adult

This experience is for our skilled guests, ages 16 and up.  Guests may choose any of our adventurous Safari Tours. 

Seabreeze Tour

2 hours        $95/adult

Designed for riders 16 and up, guests will experience the beach in a unique new way! Explore sand dunes, discover marine life, and breath in the salty sea air.

Back to Nature Tour

1.5 hours        $60/child and $80/adult

Discover the wildlife around the resort with our certified guides and naturalists. Investigate the areas the animals inhabit and learn about native trees and plants.

 Hear what guests are saying about our tours...

    "This was such a fun experience! Both my wife and I were nervous but the instruction was great, the short training session we had was a big help in making us feel comfortable, and the guide that took us around the island was knowledgeable and fun to be with. We plan to go again with our two college aged girls during their next break! They'll love it!"

    "Had a fantastic time. Beautiful area, tour leader was friendly, courteous, gracious, knowledgeable, accommodating. Even stopped for refreshments at the oceanfront bar. The Segways were top notch. Safety program was super and, we were required to wear biking helmets, I am looking forward to going back and staying at the Omni Resort."

    "Most excellent! Great people, Very relaxed and beautiful scenery. The staff are friendly and the experience is not like anything I've done before... and I've done lots! Not like a motorcycle, but *similar*. Not like skiing,, but the moves feel the same. Not like jet skis, but the feeling of motion control is very exciting. Do this!"

Contact Amelia's Wheels for more details at 904-277-5120.